Using Herbs


Using ordinary kitchen ingredients (fruits, vegetables, etc), you can make natural facial masks. By adding an herb or two, it’s easy to customize  — to moisturize or remove excess oil, unclog or reduce pores, soften skin, and/or heal blemishes, etc.

Cleaning Products

Herbs can make cleaning tasks pleasant and rewarding. Making your own safe and effective cleaning products is inexpensive and easy..


Fill your rooms with soothing aromas. Potpourri is the perfect way to add aroma to your environment. By making your own, you can create a mixture that suits the occasion, season, room, or individual.


Salves and Balms

Salves and balms combine herbal oils, beeswax and herbs to provide a soothing application.

Baths Soaks

By adding herbs to your tub, you can customize and boost the effectiveness of bath time. A good soak can heal tired muscles, cleanse, soften, and nourish the skin. If you’re pregnant, you should check with your doctor about the safety of using herbs in your bath.